I just want to thank you so much for these amazing scarves you have provided! The fabric is what I wanted for so long! Since I live in a hot country, I wanted some thing light but good quality at the same time and that was literally it! All of the colours I have ordered are beautiful. Thank you again. 

Zeina - Dubai

I simply couldn't be happier with the hijabs I ordered, the feel and the quality is amazing. Expected date was after 4th of January and I got them today. Thank you so much House of Hayaa.

Maryam - USA 

My scarves are here! I am so happy thank you so much House of Hayaa. Amazing colours, amazing quality and the chocolates. It won't be my last order inshaAllah

Basma - Saudi Arabia 

Hi, received the hijabs today and they definitely lived up, colours were very accurate compared to the pictures and I loved the nice detail of chocolates in the parcel. Thank you. 

Aatika - UK 

Salam wa alaykum,

Just wanted to let you know that I received the scarves, and I deeply appreciate that you labeled each scarf or else I would have spent hours trying to sort through them. Alhamdulillah I was very pleased with your service. May your business only grow inshAllah. JazakAllahu khayran

Leena - USA

My order from House of Hayaa arrived today. Amazing customer service as always, and definitely the best place to go for your hijab needs not to mention complimentary chocolates, thank you! 

Yasmin - UK 

I just got all my scarves in the mail and I'm so excited to start wearing all of them! Thank you House of Hayaa for all these amazing hijabs!

Afra - USA

Hey my order just arrived, it's here after 3 days (even though for Germany it said it would take longer) these scarves are so pretty but most of all they are made of really good material, I can't wait to wear them, thank you. 

Fiza - Germany 

I just got my package in the mail. I live in America and it came really fast. I love the material and the scarves are perfect. Thank you so much. Definitely ordering again! 

Sabrina - USA 

BarakAllahu feekum! They are better than I thought and here in Germany I can't find scarves for this price!

Aydem - Germany

Just received your hijabs in the mail, extremely excited with the quality, it's what I have been looking for. 

Nudar - New York 

Assalamu-alaykum, honestly you have never failed to please me. I have fallen in love with the fabric and colours of the scarves, even more than the first time. I absolutely love them. Expect another order from me soon inshaAllah. I pray that you guys have all the success with your business and keep growing inshaAllah.

Anum - UK.