House of Hayaa is committed to maintaining and respecting the privacy of all our customers.

We are required to use your personal information that you have provided on the website to process your order.

Details are only shared with companies who affect your order such as the postal or bank services.

We do not share any of our customers information with other companies without consent.

We collect information when you purchase something from our website.  This also includes when you are corresponding with us via email. 

In particular:

• We keep information you give us directly such as contact details (including name, email, address and telephone number), comments, date of birth, gender, region, feedback, marketing opinions 

• We record and analyse, web visits, details of your purchases and where you take advantage of our promotions.

• If you engage with us online via our websites or our cookies and similar technologies will capture your IP address, your location, and record how you use the site or app to help improve it and improve your user experience, where your browser settings or permission allows for this.

• If you post information online about us or provide feedback, we may keep a record.

• If you contact us directly and complain or give feedback, receive compensation, or enter a competition, we will record details and all related information such as emails